21st Mar 2011, 1:22 AM Getting into the comic groove

This is very strange for us to be able to come up with comic ideas consistently and almost on a bi-weekley basis. we tried it a couple times before but it never worked due to time constraints.

Then I found this app called "Sketchbook Pro". Love it. It's really only any good if you have a Wacom Tablet though.

That's all I got blog wise. enjoy the comics!

11th Mar 2011, 3:20 AM WebComics are fun

Hello! This is my first author blog because I just found the feature on the website! LOL

Anyway Saber~Cow Inked is basically a comic about Saber~Cow. We are a group of friends that make movies, play video games, browse the internet, program, animate, etc. and now we do a web-comic starring us!

You can find us at multiple points on the internet including:

The name Saber~Cow Inked is a reference to our original name "Saber~Cow Ink" which referred to the fact that the original two members, Rich and Dave, become friends over a mutual desire to write stories. The "Ink" was later dropped from the name due to lack of novel production and lack of relevance. But it has Resurfaced here to suggest that this comic is the essence of "Saber~Cow" but in an "Inked" form. Meaning drawn. Get it?

I'll be updating this blog with things relevant to comics we post... if I feel like it. I usually just post stuff on the DeviantArt page (Mentioned above)